top 5 OnlyFans Alternatives

Top 5 OnlyFans Alternatives for Adult Content Creators & Subscribers

Following the layoffs and shutdowns of 2020, adult content platform OnlyFans gained over 75 million users in the span of a year for its lucrative and accessible design. Content creators around the world began offering exclusive content for a subscription price and users subscribed in droves. This oftentimes explicit content has led the top 1% of OnlyFans creators to generate multiple millions of dollars in revenue month-over-month. 


After all of the provider’s success, OnlyFans just announced that they will begin banning explicit and sexual content in October, leaving creators and subscribers blindsided and betrayed. Luckily, OnlyFans alternatives have been quietly emerging as all eyes have been on the industry leader. Below you will find the top five adult content platform alternatives where creators can continue to offer their prime content for their subscribers today. 

It’s long been a complaint of OnlyFans creators that the site does not help drive organic traffic. This causes creators to promote themselves on other platforms and attempt to convert their following to OnlyFans. LoyalFans, however, has featured pages that help drive new subscribers to your content. With pages like Top Models and Newest Models, LoyalFans understands the importance of being able to extend your organic reach. 


When it comes to referral and affiliate revenue, LoyalFans beats out OnlyFans again, as it allows creators to make a lifetime commission off of referrals, no matter with who or where they spend their money on the platform. 


If you’re looking for the quickest and most lucrative switch from OnlyFans, LoyalFans is the top contender. They offer much of the same functionality, same 80% take home pay, as well as more opportunity and an easier to use interface. Not only is the functionality great, the real issue—banning of adult content—is not likely with LoyalFans, as their Terms & Conditions state strict rules to ensure creators and subscribers can consensually enjoy explicit content. 


LoyalFans is dedicated to protecting the creator and honoring subscribers. Their company culture and platform management has led them to have no lawsuits. Unlike OnlyFans, adult content creators on LoyalFans own all rights to their content. The standards and practices of LoyalFans are quickly outshining those of OnlyFans, allowing creators the freedom to stabilize and secure their income.


Payout Percentage: 80%

Minimum withdrawal: $50

ManyVids is one of the most popular and income reliable clip websites for independent adult content creators. With a ManyVids base of 3 million users, the media host launched a subscription platform called MV Crush. 


MV Crush is an exclusive club for adult entertainers to provide exclusive content and connect with their audience. In competition with other leading platforms, MV Crush offers influencers 80% of their earnings and the ability to create their own pricing structures. MV Stars gain a 25% increase in revenue on average when they make use of MV Crush, meaning creators can and should make use of ManyVids, MV Stars, and any other MV offerings available. 

Payout Percentage: 80%

Minimum withdrawal: $50

Founded and ran by sex workers, Frisk is dedicated to valuing sex workers and honoring their contribution to the adult entertainment industry. The platform has aimed to create opportunity with the creator in mind and is a great alternative for OnlyFans influencers that want to grow their organic traffic. 


With Public and Private Walls, Frisk enables potential subscribers to browse models and creators and has strict rules on the level of explicit content allowed on Public Walls. However, when someone subscribes to a creator’s Private Wall, explicit content is fair game so long as everyone is of age and the interactions are consensual. 


Because the site was created by sex workers for sex workers, you’re likely to experience an out-of-the-blue ban that forces you to evaluate your content business. 

Payout Percentage: 80%

Minimum withdrawal: N/A

Explore explicit adult content creators right from your pocket—that’s the gist of PocketStars. Plain, simple, and inclusive, PocketStars offers browsing categories for Women, Men, Trans Influencers, Couples, and Non-Binary Creators. 


Similar to Frisk and LoyalFans, PocketStars has a Feature Page that randomly showcases 15 different creators each day, so long as they have at least 50 content pieces posted. While PocketStars is an advocate for creators and has strict copyright guidelines, they fall short of other platforms in functionalities like payout withdrawal and affiliate earnings. Currently, no affiliate program for influencers is in play and the minimum withdrawal amount is $200, nearly $150 higher than other platforms. 

Payout Percentage: 80%

Minimum withdrawal: $40

AVN Stars is run by the AVN Media Network, an industry leader in adult entertainment. Because of the nature of the platform’s creation and ownership, it is likely that explicit content will be targeted for lawsuits on AVN Stars. AVN Stars has been adamant that they want to prevent shadow-banning and censorship, but have hard bans on a list of non-consensual and arguably upsetting content involving blood, vomit, urine, and abuse. 

Similar to a traditional porn site, AVN Stars allows users to browse categories of content and providers before choosing to subscribe to any provider. For providers, AVN allows much of the same functionalities as OnlyFans, with comparable payout rates and GEOlocation blocking. Along with the Explore Page, creators have the opportunity to monetize through pay per view messages, lives, and AVN Stars weekly contests.


Payout Percentage: 80%

Minimum withdrawal: $25

Join Multiple Platforms

Don't Let OnlyFans Control Your Cash Flow

Like anyone in the gig economy, “not putting all of your eggs in one basket” is the tried and true solution for income stabilization and even revenue growth. After this week’s surprise announcement from OnlyFans, sex workers and adult content creators around the globe are experiencing just how limited their power is when they sell services on a platform. 


It’s becoming increasingly important in this world of eCommerce and entrepreneurship to evaluate the companies we rely on to pay our bills and make strategic decisions that will limit one single platform’s ability to become our downfall, take away our livelihood, and ultimately ruin our businesses. 


If you’re an adult content creator on OnlyFans and are worried about the future of your business, don’t fret. Sign up for any of the above adult entertainment platforms today and get ahead of the OnlyFans ban. 

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