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Vitalpha-X Whole food vitamin
Dosing directions.

wholefood vitamin


This whole food multivitamin for men contains superior quality, all-natural ingredients, a specially formulated blend made with 100% whole food vitamins and minerals, without artificial fillers.


1 Tabletda ily

Morning OR Evening.

For 30 days consecutively.

For best results

Avoid taking within 2 hours before or after coffee. Results typically appear with in 1 -2 weeks after first dose.

Advanced Users

2 Tablets daily

2 Morning OR Evening

For 30 days consecutively.

For best results

Avoid taking within 2 hours before or after coffee. Results typically appear with in 1 -2 weeks after first dose.

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This multivitamin has a lot going for it. It is sourced from natural ingredients. It isn't a huge pill, I have problems swallowing large pills and have no problems with this. It doesn't smell horrible like a lot of multivitamins. I have been taking it for a couple of weeks now and have had no ill effects. I don't notice any difference either. I probably wasn't deficient in anything that mattered. I will probably still take one of these once in a while to fill in any gaps I might have. Overall I'd recommend this product.
It’s hard to find products that actually work. I’ve been taking multivitamins for years and felt like they didn’t do anything. That was until I started taking vitalpha-x wholefood men’s multivitamin. It’s gentle on my stomach and I get a nice energy boost with out stimulants. For me this multivitamin actually works! It is for me the best men’s multivitamin I have ever taken. Five stars for sure!! Definitely setting up subscribe and save so I never run out!!
This vitamin and mineral supplement is made in the USA. It contains a wide variety of vitamins and minerals at good concentrations. It has an added bonus of fruit and vegetable extracts which is great for picky teens. What I really love is it just one pill per day making this a two month supply for a single person. That is very convenient and rare to find in a vitamin supplement. Highly recommend!
S Sadler
This is a very complete multivitamin and mineral supplement that is very beneficial overall but especially for muscle and brain function. It had helped me increase my athletic performance and has improved my overall health. I especially like that it’s made from organic fruits and vegetables instead of chemicals.
clinically studied Testosterone Booster


Our men's multivitamin has clinically studied ingredients. This ensures you get fast acting multivitamin properties.

clinically studied Testosterone Booster


All of our supplements are lab tested by a 3rd party to achieve the highest quality vitamin

made in the usa


Vitalpha-X is made right here in the USA. All of our ingredients are sourced and manufactured right here in the USA.