I’m  Liam Harrison

8x World Muay Thai Champion


Who is Liam Harrison

Raised in his homeland of Leeds, Liam Harrison began training in Muay Thai at the age of 13. He made his amateur debut at the age of 14, winning a no-head contact fight. He started his professional career just before his fifteenth birthday. 

Liam was born on the fifth of October, 1985 in Leeds. He started Muay Thai when he was 13 at the famous Bad Company Gym, taught by the glorious Richard Smith, where his natural abilities quickly became visible. 

Between 2000 and 2004, Liam became the complete fighter in the United Kingdom in his weight category, eventually moving from a weight of 52 kg/114.4 lbs. to a weight of 63.5 kg (139.7 lbs.) and winning both national and international competition.

Winning his first fight by knockout and submitting 29 wins in the first 29 fights, he worked hard to earn himself the nickname Liam ‘Hitman’ Harrison. 

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“I would fight anyone but probably a rematch with Rodlek would be good he’s now 3-0 on there so maybe a rematch there and then the winner gets a title shot.” – Harrison

Liam Harrison is recognized to be one of the most combative and aggressive fighters in the UK, Muay Thai. And he was also known for his strong left hook and deadly low kicks. At the age of 19, he won his first World Title (Now securing 8 world titles and a record of 115 fights, 87 wins). Liam has been number 1 in the UK rankings since the age of 17 and is commonly considered as the greatest Muay Thai fighter to ever come out of the UK.

He has fought all across the world – Japan x5, America, Jamaica, Italy, Cambodia, France, and in particular, Thailand, where he lived for 2 years, fighting 30 times and in both major stadiums. Liam fought all top Thai and European fighters, including three close, tough fights with Rodlek Saenchai.

Not only as a great fighter, but Liam has also proved to be an outstanding coach. He is truly capable of transmitting his expertise in the ring to newbies and fighters of all levels.

With more than 12 years of coaching experience, Liam now has become one of the most in-demand seminars in the world, traveled all over Europe and America. Not all fighters, however, become good coaches, it’s something Liam exceeds expectations.

Liam “the hitman” Harrison

Back Down

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At 34 years of age and with more than 115 fights on record, most other fighters usually plan to retire but Liam Harrison did not show any sign that he is aiming to hang the gloves. He still feels that he has a lot left to do and has taken to maintain his fighting lifespan.

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114 total fights

Wins by Knock out
Wins By Decision & TKO


Words from Liam

“I still have a lot of goals,

 I love fighting more than anything, nothing like that. 

These days, I take much better care of my body.

feel stronger and sharper than ever before.”  Liam Harrison