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Yorgan De Castro mma

Yorgan De Castro

Yorgan De Castro Age: 32 years old Record: 6-0 undefeated heavy weight Location: Fall River, MA Training: Regiment Training Center Weight: 265 Height: 73 inches “I fight for my people, I may be the underdog but that doesn’t stop me from giving this world hope. If you’re in a dark time right now, look at me, I’m your hope. If I can do it you can do it. In 2016 I was just a fat guy that could throw hands and now I’m a 6 and 0 UFC

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jake the gorilla mma kick ufc test reaper best testosterone booster for men

Jake “The Gorilla” Pilla

Jake “The Gorilla” Pilla “With a wealth of martial arts knowledge, and a creative style Jake “The Gorilla” Pilla is looking to set himself apart as an MMA fighter. With expert coaching, and dedication to his craft, this is just the beginning of his career. We are proud to support his rise to the top.” Quick Facts Facts Age: 25 Location: Billerica Years training: 20 years Favorite food: Tacos Nickname: The Gorilla “The Gorilla” is no stranger to wild kicks A bit about “The Gorilla”   Tell us

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AlphaBolix Athlete and UFC Vet John "Dooms Day" Howard

John Howard

Alphabolix Athlete
-Name: John “Dooms Day” Howard.
-Fight Leagues: UFC, PFL
– Next Fight July 11th PFL4

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