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Accelerated Muscle Growth

Have you been searching for accelerated muscle growth, recovery and improved physical endurance?

As professional UFC fighters and MMA athletes, we need supplements we can rely on to get results. Years of working out and competing at the highest level has taught us that the only thing that matters is gaining a competitive edge. A supplement either improves your performance, strength speed and recovery, or it is a waste of your money. Since no other product gave us the measurable muscle growth and performance we wanted, we set out to develop our own.

After 19 years of training, buying supplements, researching and studying at the American college of sports medicine, I was tired of wasting my money without seeing real results…I felt I had tried it all, and that most of the performance  supplement market was driven by empty marketing promises. Most successful companies literally spend more money on packaging and labeling than on ingredients. It’s shocking that that’s how this world works.

Of course I knew of products that accelerated muscle growth, but they always come with a catch. — Illegal substances is a gamble, you can never be sure what they contain or how they will affect you. If I were to put anything bought online or in store in my body, I needed a guarantee it was tested to the highest standards. I would only rely on supplements produced from safe ingredients in a clean and controlled environment.

The thought of formulating my own workout supplements and accelerated muscle growth supplements  seemed unrealistic at first — I am an athlete and nutritionist, not the owner of a pharmaceutical lab. But I quickly realized that meant I had something most big corporations didn’t;

As an athlete, I didn’t care about profit, I cared about gains! - Alphabolix

Most companies on the market formulated supplements , performance enhancers and Accelerated Muscle Growth based on maximizing their profit margin. But I simply wanted to achieve superior results for myself and the group of friends and MMA fighters I train with. So we started seeking out ingredients that not only weresupported by theory and studies done at NCBI, but had shown to aid in achieving actual fitness results in the gym.

7 years of research, development and studying clinical trials later, we were ready to launch our first product; Test Reaper, the ultimate testosterone booster. Our  formula consists of L-Arginine, Boron, Fenugreek Seed Extract, Bulgarian Tribulus with 95% saponins, Zinc,  Vitamin D and Aveena Sativa — Ingredients that have been shown to raise testosterone levels, suppress estrogen and decrease cortisol. Finally, there was a product that effectively aids the metabolism for accelerated muscle gain, recovery and physical endurance.

The success I and a long list of other MMA fighters achieved using our first product, led to us immediately getting back to work formulating more products.

After our first success, we hired medical doctors to help formulate multiple effective performance enhancing supplements that could create accelerated muscle growth. Both our research and using our formulas in the gym, confirmed one crucial thing: Our body is not evolved to absorb synthetic ingredients, the effect of synthetic vitamins, minerals and nutrients is often lost. For that reason, our products contain natural ingredients, ready to be absorbed by your cells and accelerate your body’s ability to build lean muscle mass.

Today, our ever expanding line of performance enhancing fitness supplements, are produced in FDA-regulated production facilities in the US. Every single product and ingredient is carefully lab-tested pre- and post-production to guarantee effectiveness and safety of use.

No one should gamble with their gains or health! — We use all our products ourselves, and stand by them 100%. The results we are getting personally are exceptional. We receive phenomenal feedback from athletes, UFC fighters, PFL fighters and bodybuilders who have become better, faster and stronger since starting with our products. — Is it time for you to enhance your performance too?

— Derek Giardina, Founder of Alphabolix

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