I’m Derek, owner of alphabolix.
Here is Our Story

Here at Alphabolix, we believe that if there’s something about your life that you don’t like, you should change it. Looking to build muscle, lose weight, reduce joint pain, improve your stamina, or boost your overall testosterone? We’ve been there, and that’s why we know exactly how it feels and exactly how to help.

The founder of Alphabolix, Derek Giardina, was diagnosed with low testosterone for 7 years before taking his life into own hands. For 7 years, he struggled with endless treatments, mood swings, and side effects, trying every option on the market with no success. After years of disappointing trials and frustrating bloodwork, it became clear that the nutraceutical industry had more expertise in marketing than research. Alphabolix is here to change that.

Born out of the need for change, the Test Reaper is a product of 7 years of research on hundreds of ingredients. After year 7, Derek had narrowed them down to the 27 best, and then month after month continued to narrow these ingredients down with research. With 8 of the best testosterone-boosting ingredients out there ready for testing, the Alphabolix team moved onto selecting the perfect herbs, vitamins, and more to potentially fit into our unique testosterone boosting blend. We won’t force you to read all of the scientific details( tho they are available on our site), but you can be confident in knowing we researched, studied, and tested everything from ingredient effectiveness to bioavailability before our first small batch supplement was finally ready to be created in a facility (FDA registered facility, of course).

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our family mission is to help people improve their performance & health. to build and grow their bodies.

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Watch the creation of test reaper Our facility to your home. Premium quality

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Alphabolix’s small batch supplements don’t stop there. [NAME] wasn’t the only person in his family who needed a change; both of his parents faced health challenges that impacted their daily lives, and he immediately went to work to do something about it.

Derek’s mother, who has a rare brain disease called chiari malformation, has very limited mobility and needed help managing her increasing weight. In response, Factor 7 was formed. Factor 7 is a fat burner that stimulates lipolysis, or the conversion of consumed fat to energy. This supplement helped [NAME]’s mother, and it continues to produce results for people who don’t have time for healthy meals, are on the Keto diet, can’t exercise, or just want to manage their weight.

Derek’s father, on the other hand, is a 76-year-old type 2 diabetic who struggles with joint stiffness, immobility, and pain daily. To help with this, Alphabolix added Synthaflex 13 to its product line. Synthaflex 13 is packed with 13 unique ingredients that have been proven to reduce inflammation, increase mobility, and ease joint aching. This supplement helps [NAME], his father, and Alphabolix customers all over the globe live their best lives daily, and it’s only one of the many products Alphabolix offers.

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Alphabolix is a small business that, in the span of 3 years, has grown from a personal need to a savior for many. From everyday people looking for a change to professional athletes ready to take their game to the next level, Alphabolix is the sidekick you’ve been waiting for. Created with quality ingredients, FDA registered facility, and family owned and operated, you can trust that your health &  physical performance is in good hands with Alphabolix.

Still have questions? We’re an open book! Feel free to reach out to Derek@alphabolix.com and we’d be happy to explain even further why Alphabolix can change your life.

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