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Factor 7 Fat burner
Dosing directions.

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At Alphabolix, we review real studies before formulating our products. Every Ingredient that we put into Factor 7 had been studied and shown to enhance weight loss to the highest level possible. If there is a few extra pounds that are still bothering you as they preventing you from reaching your ideal weight, then our Factor 7 formula is here to help. With a rich formula of potent ingredients, this dietary supplement can have incredible benefits for your body and weight.


2 Tablets daily

Morning time

For 30 days consecutively.

For best results

Avoid taking within 2 hours before or after coffee. Results typically appear with in 1 -2 weeks after first dose

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I got these to help suppress my appetite. I would take 1 in the morning. I just finished the entire bottle. I do body scans at the gym and during the time I’ve been taking them my visceral body fat and my overall body fat percentage did go down. Now I do log my food and workout, so these pills were in addition to that. I do feel like they helped curb my hunger though. One of the better fat burners I’ve taken, I like that there aren’t any crazy stimulants as those usually increase my blood pressure. I’d recommend!
I like natural "fat burners" (not really a fan of the term, I mean if you eat junk food all day pills won't help) anyway these work well in controlling cravings. I like the size, not too big. I also like how I don't feel TOO jittery after taking them (I HATE pills that get you all wound up) though they say they don't have caffeine, I feel them working( i may be just sensitive to it)I would show these to your doctor or medical provider just to make sure ( of course) but I like them and they work for me!
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So far I am really happy with this Factor 7 Lipo Formula – Ultra-Concentrate Fat Burner Dietary Supplement. They arrived quickly and well packaged. The capsules are standard size capsules and easy to swallow. There’s no discernible taste or odor. I haven’t noticed any negative side effects. I have noticed I have a little bit more energy than I normally do and I am not as hungry!
Since taking these I'm not as hungry or having sweet cravings. I also have more energy. The capsules are easy to swallow and don't make me jittery. Overall a good product.
clinically studied Testosterone Booster


Our Fat burner has clinically studied ingredients. This ensures you get fast acting weight loss properties.

clinically studied Testosterone Booster


All of our supplements are lab tested by a 3rd party to achieve the highest quality fat burner

made in the usa


Factor 7 is made right here in the USA. All of our ingredients are sourced and manufactured right here in the USA.