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Jake Pilla’s Wild Cartwheel Kick KNOCKOUT!

Check out this amazing highlight video we made of MMA fighter Jake “The Gorilla” Pilla’s cartwheel kick KO! Jake got the knockout in just 32 seconds of the first round. He won Combat Zone’s fight of the night award. Despite the fight lasting less than a minute Jake put on an impressive performance and showed his skill both in stand up and on the ground. He started with two hard leg kicks, and a quick exchange backing up. His opponent went for a takedown, and Jake used the opportunity to threaten a guillotine choke. On the ground his opponent defended the choke well, getting into side control. Once Jake knew the choke wasn’t there he instead used it as a sweep and took top position. After a few good shots, he let his opponent up, faked a leg kick, bated his opponent in and timed the cartwheel kick perfectly, ending the fight.

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Jake Pilla getting his hands wrapped before the fight

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