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Why Amino Acids Are An Important Part of Your Workout

We understand more than anyone the endurance and the satisfaction that your workout provides to your day. Many athletes and gym buffs are dedicating to trying to find the best supplements and trade secrets for maximizing performance and results. Feeding your muscles at every stage of your physical activity with protein and amino acids might just be the key you’ve been looking for. 

Your body requires both essential and nonessential amino acids to promote your healthiest state both during your workout and in your daily life. Essential amino acids are not developed by your own body, which means you need to acquire them from your diet and supplementation. Nonessential amino acids (don’t let the name fool you) are created by your body but are likely to be depleted if your activity burns them faster than your body can replenish.


Many of us already know that protein itself is the foundation required for our bodies to build and store amino acids. According to an article in Scientific American, “when you consume an adequate amount of protein, your body will experience something called a positive balance of nitrogen.” If your body continues to develop and hold more nitrogen than it loses, you’ll remain in a muscle-building state. 

There’s a little more to process, however. 

Here’s why amino acids are an important part of your workout and how you can factor them into your routine next time you hit the gym.


They Increase Muscle Growth

One of our top goals, muscle growth, for some of us, maybe a slow and mentally torturous ordeal. In one study, those studied who added amino acids to their water while working out saw an average of 22% increase in muscle growth. The supplemented blockchain amino acids incite muscle protein synthesis and in turn promote faster muscle growth. And, if you can complement those amino acids with a whey protein, you’re likely to see even more drastic results. Now, if you can find a supplement that’s specially formulated to not require digestion, you’re golden. Oh, wait, we’ve already done that. 

They Reduce Fatigue and Soreness

After a strong workout, your muscles will often feel sore and tired, especially once you’ve rested for a few hours. Many of us love that feeling; no pain no gain; however, it’s possible to reduce that fatigue while still seeing the same (or better) results. Those tiny tears in our muscles that contribute to that soreness are stimulated into automatically and quickly repairing themselves when we have a sufficient amount of amino acids in our system.


Increased Endurance Resulting in Improved Fat Loss

Glycogen depletion is a major problem for athletes who depend on short spurts of endurance and energy. In the same study noted above, those who consumed amino acids during their workout also had their glycogen storages protected – and were also able to keep their endurance longer. When supplemented with amino acids, those people’s bodies burned fat as a fuel source instead of glycogen.

Increased Mental Focus and Performance

Supplementing your physical activity with amino acids will improve your short term memory and promote mental alertness throughout your performance, which can greatly improve your final results in competition. Maintaining alertness throughout your workout will increase your overall performance and provide you with ultimate results you would need to work harder to achieve on your own. 

So Should You Use Supplemental Amino Acids As Part of Your Workout of Physical Activity?

The Amino Acid Studies website says “Branched-chain amino acids (BCAA) are a key nutrient for muscle repair and growth, inhibiting the reduction muscle of protein at the same time. They are also important as energy transporters to the muscles in the body. Depending on the level of exercise they need large amounts of readily metabolizable energy as well as a sufficient amount of oxygen.” In more understandable terms, it means that, especially during heightened moments of exertion, we need to ensure our bodies have access to supple amounts of the amino acids you require – which our own bodies usually can’t keep up with while exercising. Therefore, adding a supplement to your workout routine can be beneficial to obtaining maximum results. 

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