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Training to Boost Testosterone

Training To boost Testosterone

Training to boost testosterone is a must for anyone who wants the best results. But too many plans overlook essential movements for boosting testosterone. Meaning you aren’t getting all that you could from each training session. But with a few simple additions you can guarantee that each trip to the gym will be boosting your testosterone and getting you results. 

full body movements are key to boosting your testosterone

If you want to boost your testosterone and improve your health, full body movements are essential. Many exercises isolate muscles rather than including the full body. While this has a function, it is limiting. Full body exercises work by recruiting a more significant amount of muscle during each lift, thus increasing the metabolic strain. This has been shown to improve the release of testosterone. Heavy resistance training also has a number of other benefits. Such as fat loss, muscle growth, improved bone density, and overall health. While there are a number of full body lifts, the core 3 are the squat, the deadlift, and the bench press. 

train the Back Squat to boost your testosterone

The squat is one of the most natural movements we do as humans. But it is also an extremely useful training tool for athletes, and anyone looking to get healthier. Ensuring that the back squat is a consistent element of your training will ensure that you will get the results that you’re looking for.

bench press

The bench press is also a staple for full body movements. It is not just a targeted exercise for the chest. Using proper technique the bench press recruits the entire body. Not only will you hit your chest, the bench press incorporates the core, hips, and legs. Bench pressing heavy engages the entire body, and may help boost testosterone.


The deadlift is considered the baseline test for power. Because the weight starts from a static position, there is no way to cheat the weight. If you want unparalleled strength gains, and testosterone the deadlift cannot be overlooked. Test your strength, develop incredible power, and boosts your testosterone all in one movement. 

Training to boost your testosterone is a key to success

When you’re looking to see results in the gym isolation exercises just don’t cut it. You have to incorporate full body movements that demand muscle recruitment. Heavy resistance training is the standard for results. Increasing strength, lowering body fat, and boosting testosterone levels. But incorporating full body lifts into your training is just the start. Using a supplement such as Test Reaper can ensure you get boost in testosterone that you are looking for. Supplementing with a natural testosterone booster can compound the benefits of heavy lifting, and aid in recovery so you can hit every session harder. When you want results never overlook the time tested basics, the squat, benchpress, and deadlift. 

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