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Vitamin D and Men’s Health

Vitamin D and Men's Health

Vitamin D is an essential factor for men’s health. It has many functions and benefits. As a result of this, it is essential to ensure proper levels. While sunlight and diet play large roles in Vitamin D levels, supplementation can help. Even with proper nutrition most men will benefit from supplemental Vitamin D. Above all we want to ensure you understand the importance, and function of Vitamin D for men’s health.

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We know the importance of Vitamin D for men's health

what is vitamin d?

Vitamin D is a group of Secosteroids. They control absorption of magnesium, calcium, and phosphate. As well as controlling a myriad of other biological functions in men. Vitamin D3 and D2 are the most important for humans. As a result optimized levels aid in men’s health.

vitamin d best testosterone booster for mens health
Citrus fruits are a great dietary source of Vitamin D

Why do you need vitamin D?

There are a number of reasons you need Vitamin D. Deficiency can lead to poor immune function. As a result this means getting sicker more often. Fatigue, and malaise. Low blood levels of Vitamin D can play a major factor in fatigue. Consequently this can decrease quality of life significantly. Vitamin D plays a crucial role in calcium absorption. As a result it is essential to maintaining bone density. Low levels can even lead to depression, hair loss, impaired healing, and muscle pain. It certainly plays a major roll in testosterone production. This is a major factor for men of all ages. Testosterone plays a significant role in quality of life. And Vitamin D plays a major roll in the production of testosterone. Ensuring your levels are optimal, will aid in maintaining healthy testosterone levels. As a result, you feel happier, healthier, and stronger.

how we use vitamin d to advance men's health

Sunlight and dietary Vitamin D may not be enough. That is why supplementation with Vitamin D can help with men’s health. We use Vitamin D specifically to help testosterone levels. But you’ll get all of the other added health benefits as well. Test Reaper is a testosterone booster aimed at improving quality of life in men of all activity levels. Whether you’re an athlete, or just looking to live life optimized, Test Reaper is designed for you. That is why Vitamin D is an essential part of our design. With special care dedicated to our sourcing, and dosage. We know that Test Reaper will help you. 

vitamin d sunshine mens health testosterone boosters
Sunlight is a great way to get Vitamin D and ensure you stay healthy


  • Boosts Testosterone
  •  Improved Immune Function
  •  Lowers Inflammation
  •  Improved muscle strength and integrity
  • Maintain Bone Health
  • Protects Against Alzheimer’s
  • Improved Mood and Energy

why test reaper is the best option for you

At AlphaBolix we always ensure the highest quality. Every ingredient is sourced for optimal potency. And our Vitamin D is no different. If the source quality is lacking, that will effect your absorption. We understand the importance of proper absorption, and want to ensure that you get the full effect every time. There are no shortcuts to quality. So when designing Test Reaper not only did we optimize our ingredient profile, and ratios, we dedicated ourselves to finding the best sources for each ingredient. This is what makes the biggest difference, this is why Test Reaper is setting the new standard as the best testosterone booster for men. 

If you’re looking to improve your health, and testosterone levels, look no further. Our goal in creating Test Reaper was to set the standard, and we did. We created the best testosterone booster for men, designed for long lasting and sustainable increases in natural testosterone levels. 


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