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Synthetic Vitamins VS Whole Food Vitamins

Synthetic Vitamins VS Whole Food Vitamins

There was a time when people used to be totally dependent on healthy food or diet for the supplement of necessary vitamins to their body. But today, things have changed. Now the regular food is not as nutritious as it used to be. Hence, the addition of multivitamins to our regular diet is the need of the day. But when it comes to making a selection of the right multivitamin out of the options available out there in the market, people have generally been seen confused about the difference between the whole food multivitamin (like Vitalpha-X Mens Multivitamin) and synthetic multivitamins.

Vitalpha-X Mens Multivitamin

Vitalpha-X Mens Multivitamin is the best men’s multivitamin which is actually derived from the whole food sources. If you are curious to know the differences between Vitalpha-X Mens Multivitamin and the other available multivitamins which are generally synthetically made, then you have landed on the right web page. Keep on reading till the end…

Before moving ahead to understand the differences between the Vitalpha-X Mens Multivitamin and synthetic multivitamins, there are few things to get aware of.

Why Nutritional Supplements Are Needed?

As far as the dependence on nutritional supplements like a multivitamin is concerned, people depend on them mainly for two reasons: either they want to avoid any kind of nutritional deficiency or they are already suffering from a health problem. Whatever the reason for dependency on the nutritional supplement is, the best way to consume them is to consume in their natural form or state. 

No matter whether it is vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, or any other kind of nutrient, consumption in the natural state is highly recommended. But it has been seen in most cases that people are unable to achieve the required level of nutritional value from what they naturally eat. 

Thus there is a huge requirement of nutritional supplements that can deliver the same nutrients derived from natural or whole food sources.

Synthetic Vitamins VS Whole Food Vitamins

 It is very well known to everyone that food when consumed in its natural form or state gives the best outcomes. And, the food that is consumed after processing is not as beneficial as the natural one. In the same way, we can understand the beneficial difference between natural vitamins and synthetic vitamins. It simply means that synthetic vitamins are not as beneficial and safe as the natural vitamins, right?

Moreover, it is also worth noting that the companies producing processed food process it in such a way that it ends up losing it nutritional value. In the same way, during the production of synthetic nutrients, some foreign elements or minerals are also mixed with them. It is actually done for the purpose of cost-cutting. 

The foreign minerals thus mixed in the synthetically produced nutrients are not good for health. The human body will try to excrete such elements as soon as possible.

In order to make you better understand the benefit of consuming nutrients in its natural state or form, I have an example to share with you. Suppose you eat a mango in its natural form. You are going to be offered each and every nutrient possessed by the mango by consuming it in this way.

On the other side, you can also consume the main nutrients of mango in pill form. But it will be very complicated to have all the nutrients in pill form. This is the case with synthetic vitamins as well. There are many extra nutrients that are needed and useful for the body but are not supplemented by synthetic solutions.

But when it comes to the whole food vitamins, they offer all those extra nutrients that are required by the body. Thus, with the use of such vitamins, you end up consuming sufficient quantity each and every nutrient or vitamin that the body needs.


Why Whole Food Vitamins Are Preferred?

The biggest question we get these days is Synthetic Vitamins VS Whole Food Vitamins. It is highly recommended to consume vitamins from natural food sources as much as possible. And, the diet should always be well-diversified and dense with nutrients. However, consuming such a diet will not still fulfill all the nutrient requirements of the body. 

That’s because the soil today is not having as many nutrients as it used to have in the past. Hence, there is always a need for making the multivitamin supplements a part of a daily diet. Multivitamins can fulfill all the requirements of the nutrients that couldn’t be fulfilled by the food consumed by you.

When it comes to the whole food vitamins, they are produced by condensing vegetables and foods in huge quantities. Thus you can get a very large quantity of nutrients by consuming the whole food vitamins in small quantities. Isn’t that great? The whole food vitamins are easy to consume and are concentrated too.

Another important thing to be mentioned here about the whole food vitamins is that it is very easy for your body to metabolize the nutrients delivered by the whole food vitamins. Hence, going for the multivitamins derived from the whole food sources is the best decision for the health. You will end up supplying your body with all the trace minerals, vitamins, enzymes, etc. by using such multivitamins.

Why Synthetic Vitamins Are Popular?

It is worth noting that the reason for the synthetic vitamins’ popularity is that they are cheaper in price and they can be easily maintained in labs. But it is also the fact that synthetic vitamins might also cause deficiencies. That’s because a synthetic vitamin cannot complete its action in the body by itself.

Rather, it needs some co-factors to complete the action and these co-factors are generally found in whole foods. But what if the required co-factors are not in the whole food? In such cases, the synthetic vitamin will extract its co-factors from your body. 

Hence, the consumption of synthetic vitamins will offer you relief for a while. But as soon as the co-factors that the synthetic vitamins need to have for the completion of their action run out of availability in the body, the condition will be worse. Which is why many people are curious and ask us what’s better Synthetic Vitamins VS Whole Food Vitamins?

The Fundamental Building Blocks Of The Body

However, there is no need to supplement a large number of minerals and vitamins for the maintenance of human body, but still, some necessary elements are always needed. You will have to supplement your body all the elements that are required by the body’s cells for performing the task of growth and repairing of tissues. 

Hence, there are a few necessary vitamins and minerals that are needed to be supplied to the body on a regular basis for maintaining good health. And, for the basic metabolic functioning of the body, there are a few nutrients that will be in need. 

These nutrients or minerals and vitamins that are necessarily needed by the human body are actually considered to be the fundamental building blocks of the body. Apart from these basic nutrients, everything else will be produced by the body itself.

Synthetic Vitamins VS Whole Food Vitamins

Synthetic Vitamins VS Whole Food Vitamins

Another important thing that should be questioned (not just the Synthetic Vitamins VS Whole Food Vitamins) is that consuming any vitamin in excess quantity can be harmful for the body. Hence, it is recommended to be aware of the ideal amount to be consumed.

Vitamin A

However, it is always recommended to consume vitamin A from food sources but still, if you need to make use of supplements for its consumption, you should consume 50 percent of the total consumed quantity in the form of beta-carotene. And, it should be noted that beta-carotene further gets transformed into Vitamin A. Thus, by consuming it in this way, you will end up avoiding the consumption of Vitamin A in excess quantity.

Vitamin C

Green and red peppers, berries, citrus fruits, spinach, etc are all the sources of Vitamin C. And, as far as the need of Vitamin C is concerned, Iron cannot be absorbed well by the human body without the help of Vitamin C. But if you ignorantly make consumption of Vitamin C in excess quantity by consuming it through both the natural foods as well as synthetic supplements, it will be harmful to the body. The usual side effects of excess quantity are nausea, diarrhea, etc.

Vitamin D

The one and only main source of Vitamin D for the body is the Sunlight. That’s because you don’t get it from foods in a considerable quantity. And, as far as the synthetic supplements of Vitamin D are concerned, a maximum of 1000 IU is recommended for daily consumption. That’s because higher consumption will be harmful to health.

Vitamin E

As far as the Vitamin E is concerned, it can be consumed through both the natural food sources as well as the synthetic supplements. It is worth noting that if it is consumed in synthetic form, it will function as a blood thinner. Hence you should not consume it in synthetic form without consulting your doctor if you are going to have surgery or already consuming a blood thinner prescribed by your doctor. 

And, when it comes to the food sources of Vitamin E, you will get it in leafy vegetables, nuts, dark, and seeds. Hence, you should start eating such foods for supplementing Vitamin E to your body.

Whole-Food Supplements Are in a Complex Structure

The supplements that are produced from the concentrated form of whole food are known as whole-food supplements. And, these supplements are in complex form or structure. Their complex structure is made up of a variety of antioxidants, enzymes, coenzymes, trace elements, and some other factors also. 

These vitamin supplements produced from the concentrated whole food are capable to do its job for the body only if they are consumed as the whole complex. It simply means they will not function as they are expected to function if consumed in their isolated form.

Synthetic Vitamins VS Whole Food Vitamins

Synthetic Vitamins VS Whole Food Vitamins

When it comes to synthetic nutrients, they are actually not natural. Rather, they are synthetically produced. And, consumption of such unnatural supplements in high doses is harmful as the consumption of drugs in excess or without any need. And, an important fact about such unnatural nutrients is that they are identified as foreign substances by the human body. 

Moreover, these synthetically produced nutrients cannot perform the whole job by itself only. It will actually need some other elements or parts for its proper functioning. These parts are found in natural food. In other words, synthetic nutrients are also dependent on other elements (derived from natural food) for their proper functioning.

Synthetic Vitamins VS Whole Food Vitamins Like Vitalpha-X Mens Multivitamin

There are many differences between the synthetic multivitamin and the Vitalpha-X Mens Multivitamin. Below I have listed and explained some of the most important differences:

·      Excretion time

Whenever there is an excess quantity of natural vitamins in the body, it is excreted. It simply means that the body absorbs whatever it can absorb from natural vitamins supplemented or fed to it and all that is rest is discarded after processing. But on the hand, in the case of synthetic vitamins, the excess quantity if available in the body isn’t excreted immediately. 

Rather, this excess quantity remains stored in the liver for a long time. These stored substances are harmful to the body because they may produce toxic effects.

Hence, Vitalpha-X Mens Multivitamin (the source of natural vitamins) is better than synthetic vitamins from the safety point of view.

·      Making

Another important difference between the Vitalpha-X Mens Multivitamin and the synthetic multivitamins is that the Vitalpha-X Mens Multivitamin is made from dehydrated and concentrated whole foods and the synthetic multivitamins are made artificially or synthetically.

·      Presence of trace elements

The nutrients or trace elements like iron, magnesium, folic acid, protein, enzymes, etc are very useful and important supplements for the body. It is worth noting that a deficiency of such nutrients in the body may cause serious health problems.

When it comes to natural vitamins like Vitalpha-X Mens Multivitamin, they come packed with all the required nutrients. And, they are also a good supplement of trace minerals. But on the other hand, synthetic vitamins are clinically made and there are many useful nutrients that are missing in them.

·      Toxicity

It has been already mentioned that the whole food multivitamins are derived from whole food sources or natural food sources. And, the vitamins like Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, and Vitamin K are the nutrients that can be easily metabolized by the body if taken from the natural food sources. In such cases, the residual left after metabolism successfully gets excreted from the body. And, it is just because of the presence of the fatty lipids that these nutrients are easily metabolized.

But on the other hand, if we look at the synthetic vitamins, there are isolated and comes in very high concentration. Due to the absence of the fatty lipids, such vitamins don’t get easily metabolized and remain stored in the body. Long time storage of such synthetic vitamins in the body causes toxicity that is harmful to the body.

Thus Vitalpha-X Mens Multivitamin is better than the synthetic multivitamin because it doesn’t cause toxicity.

So Which One Is Better – Synthetic Vitamins VS Whole Food Vitamins?

As it has been clearly indicated above that the multivitamins derived from the whole food sources are far better and safer as compared to the synthetically made multivitamin. Hence, it is highly recommended to choose Vitalpha-X Mens Multivitamin over synthetic multivitamins. And, with the use of such vitamin supplements, you will be able to avoid disease like diabetes, cancer, etc.

Bottom Line

There is no doubt that the consumption of natural foods is the most recommended way to supply necessary nutrients to the body. That’s because it is a healthy diet that is considered to be the most important source of minerals, vitamins, and other required nutrients. But in case you are not able to fulfill the need of such nutrients in the required quantity for the body, supplements are the option you must go for. 

And, as it has been fully justified above that whole food supplements are far better than the synthetic supplements, then why not go ahead to order the Vitalpha-X Mens Multivitamin so as to supply the needed vitamins to your body in the required quantity?

Synthetic Vitamins VS Whole Food Vitamins



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