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Why Wholefood Men’s Multivitamins are Better Than Synthetic

Why wholes food men's multivitamins are better synthic

Which is better, whole food multivitamins or synthetic? In this article we show studies supporting our conclusion.

Vitamins are nutrients that your body needs to function properly and stay healthy. Vitamins and minerals are required in small doses, with the majority of these included in a balanced diet with varied foods.

However, you can also purchase multivitamins (a pill/tablet). This is a raw form of the vitamin and can be used to increase vitamin intake, useful for those who don’t eat certain foods such as meat, fish, or fats.

Many people often choose to take these vitamins to supplement their diet, which is popular among athletes, fitness fanatics, and others alike.

When it comes to choosing multivitamins, there are two types: whole food vitamins and synthetic vitamins.

These are often confused, with many people not knowing the difference. Therefore, the remainder of this article will explain the difference between the two, concluding with which multivitamin is best.

What are wholefood multivitamins?

Wholefood vitamins are derived from food sources from a regular balanced diet. These essentially contain the same nutritional value as regular food, including vegetables, omega 3 from fish, and fatty acids from foods such as butter and oil.

These types of vitamins are essential for leading a healthy lifestyle, allowing your body to function properly throughout the day.

Too little of a specific vitamin, and you are more likely to become sick, to feel tired, or even to experience regular mood swings.

What are synthetic multivitamins?

On the other hand, we also have synthetic multivitamins. Synthetic multivitamins do not contain whole food sources and instead are isolated nutrients – these are made artificially, often in a laboratory.

Frequently, many people get both whole food and synthetic multivitamins confused. An easy way to check is to read the back of the packing, this will often be disclosed in small print so you’ll need a keen eye.


So, which is better, wholefood, or synthetic?

It may come as no surprise that wholefood vitamins are much better than synthetic ones. With the supplementation of wholefood vitamins closely linked to the prevention of diseases including cancer, diabetes, and even premature death.  

However, synthetic vitamins may actually be more dangerous than harmful. For example, results from a previous study revealed those who had taken high doses of both vitamin A and E to die prematurely.

Therefore, if you do choose to supplement your diet with vitamins, we strongly encourage choosing a whole food product. However, if this is not possible, we suggest eating a well-balanced diet to receive your vitamins and minerals this way.

If you do decide to take synthetic vitamins, we recommend you do so in small doses.

The bottom line

Vitamins and minerals are found in all food groups, from fatty foods such as butter and oil to omega 3 found in fish.

Eating a well-balanced diet is always recommended to receive the highest quality vitamins and minerals. However, in some cases, this is not possible.

If so, we suggest taking whole food vitamins over synthetic vitamins.

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