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10 Minute At Home Coronavirus Workout

Your 10 Minute At Home Workout to Stay in Shape During Coronavirus Quarantine

10 Minute At Home Coronavirus Workout

Being Coronavirus quarantined at home doesn’t need to mean your fitness routine needs to take a hit. Even if you don’t have an at-home gym, there are plenty of exercises and workout methods you can introduce to your daily lifestyle – even if you’re stuck indoors. 

Here’s your new 10 minute at home work out routine to stay in shape during self-isolation:

Always start with your stretches to prevent injury and prepare your muscles for a workout. Just becuase you’re at home doesn’t mean you need to skip this step. 

CoronaVirus Workout.
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Coronavirus Workout.

Quad Stretches. a great coronavirus workout first you stand straight, shoulders squared, and feet hip-length apart. Bend your left leg behind you, clutching your ankle and bringing it as close to your butt as you can. Hold for a moment or lean your hips forward for a deeper stretch, keeping your knee aligned with the other. Return your foot back to its starting position and do the same with your right leg. 


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coronavirus workout


Hip Stretches. Another great coronavirus workout options is there hip stretch.  Your hips are one of the most crucial parts of your body that needs stretching – and they feel the best afterward as well. Laying down, bend both needs while keeping your feet flat on the floor. Lift your left knee towards your chest and then turn your other leg 90 degrees so it crosses your body, connecting your ankle or shin with your lifted left leg. Keep your legs steady with your hands and pull them closer to deepen the stretch.

 Return back to your resting position and then repeat with the other leg.  

Arm Stretches. There are many stretches you can do for your arms to ensure your triceps, biceps, and even your shoulders will be prepared for a workout. For biceps, stretch your arms straight out on either side of you, make a thumbs up and then turn your hands down and behind you, so your thumbs are pointed backward. Return to start. For triceps, raise one arm straight above your head, then bend your elbow so that your hand is behind your head pointing down your back. 

Then, gently push down on your bent elbow with your other hand. This is a go to coronavirus workout

Lunges have always been one of the most useful and often forgotten muscle strengthening exercises. With your left leg take a step forward, letting your other leg trail behind while you sink down and return into a standing position. Remember to always use the heels of your feet first when pushing off from the ground. Do one leg and then the other as you cross your living room, basement, or even your kitchen floor. 

Pushups. It’s important to keep up your muscle strength and to ensure you are doing an adequate amount of stretches to keep your body flexible. We know you already know how to do a pushup, but it’s important to keep an eye on your body and ensure you’re holding yourself aligned properly. Keep your core engaged at all times and try your best to get your knees off the floor without compromising your posture – but always push yourself to your comfort level, especially if you have health issues you haven’t discussed with your doctor yet.  

Stability Ball Chest Fly. If you’re going to order anything online to add to your exercise equipment, take a look at a stability ball. These balls keep your body steady, ensure your body remains supported, and keep your body engaged while you remain stable. To complete a chest fly, with your head and shoulders on top of the ball and the rest of your body laying tabletop style off the side (always engaged), take a pair of dumbbells and bring them close to your chest with your palms facing in.

Raise the weights together above your chest until they touch. Next, lower your arms slowly back down to your sides. Remember to always keep a slight bend to your elbows to keep them from locking.

Fitness is important, regardless of your age or health status. You can work with your doctors, physiotherapists, and other health professionals to ensure you come up with a routine that works best for you. You can also amend any of the above routines to ensure they work best for you. 

To learn more about exercise routines during Coronavirus quarantine or to find out about supplements that can promote an even more effective fitness schedule, reach out for a conversation today.

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