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Intermittent Fasting to Boost Testosterone

Intermittent Fasting to Boost Testosterone

Intermittent fasting to boost testosterone

Intermittent fasting is a great way to boost testosterone. Not only is it a great way to get healthy, it is great for performance as well. Everyone is looking for an edge. Working intermittent fasting into your routine may give you an extra boost. 

Intermittent fasting to boost testosterone test reaper best testosterone boster for men
Intermittent fasting to boost testosterone

What is intermittent fasting?

There are several ways to approach intermittent fasting. And depending on your goals, and experience the best fit for you may vary. 

  • The 5:2 method. 5 days a week you eat a normal healthy diet. And 2 days a week are restricted to 500 calories total. 
  •  One meal a day. Some people use a single meal strategy. Eating only one large meal per day. 
  •  The 24 hour fast. Some use weekly 24 hour fasts with 0 calories. This method is likely not ideal for beginners.
  • The most common method, and best for performance is time restricted eating. Using this method you set a window of time to eat, and a window for fasting. This allows for the benefits of fasting, with the ability to refuel every day. Some variations are 16-8, and 14-10. Effectively ensuring a 16, or 14 hour fast every day, with ample time to refuel. 
Intermittent fasting to boost testosterone crossfit test reaper
Not just for health, intermittent fasting can improve performance as well

What are some benifits of Intermittent fasting?

While most people are interested in IF for the health benefits, it has a secondary benefit as well. Convenience . With fewer meals, and less cooking, intermittent fasting is a great way to create more time in your schedule for work or play. Not having to delay the start your day with a meal means you can attack your plans and get ahead of the competition. Leaving you with more time and energy to work, exercise, and live your life! 

The health benefits are also extensive.

  • Extend life expectancy. Many studies have shown restrictive diets extend life expectancy. Intermittent fasting gives you the benefits of a restrictive diet, with the freedom to eat full and satiating meals. All the health benefits, none of the discomfort.
  •  It may help reduce the risk of cancer, and heart disease. Many diseases benefit from chronic inflammation in our bodies. Intermittent fasting can help reduce chronic inflammation, boost immune function, and aid in cleansing our bodies. Reduce your risk of chronic disease with intermittent fasting.
  •  Boost testosterone! While it may seem counter intuitive, intermittent fasting can actually improve your male vitality. Studies have shown that it can reduce Leptin, quickly improving testosterone. Not only can it improve your testosterone levels, it can improve your growth hormone levels. This means better results in the gym, and in life. 
  • The bigger picture, intermittent fasting testosterone levels increase. Which means your body fat decreases! leaving your body in a thermogenic state for longer periods of time. It should be noted that athletes see the benefits of intermittent fasting and testosterone production. Thats why you see many sports athletes with dietitians.

Is Intermittent fasting to boost testosterone safe?

Intermittent fasting to boost testosterone crossfit test reaper active lifestyle
Do more, live better, with intermittent fasting

Boost your testosterone using intermittent fasting

As you can see intermittent fasting to boost testosterone has many benefits. If you’re looking to get healthy, it is a great option. If you’re looking for convenience it is a great option. And if you’re looking to perform, it is a great option. A testosterone booster may be another fantastic option to reach your goals. Test Reaper was developed and designed with results in mind. Combining Test Reaper with an intermittent fasting plan is a great way to spike your testosterone levels and see results immediately. There are levels, and this strategy may be the secret to giving you the edge you need. 

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