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Effects of sleep on your testosterone levels

Effects of sleep on your testosterone levels The effects of sleep on your testosterone levels are substantial. Both are essential to good health and vitality. Sleep quality plays a significant role in your health. It is a key factor to recovery, and plays a major role in testosterone production. When you’re looking to perform optimally and live a healthy life, sleep cannot be overlooked.  Performance and sleep go hand in hand Why your body needs sleep Don’t be fooled, stay on top of your health. 7-9 hours a…

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Jake “The Gorilla” Pilla

Jake “The Gorilla” Pilla “With a wealth of martial arts knowledge, and a creative style Jake “The Gorilla” Pilla is looking to set himself apart as an MMA fighter. With expert coaching, and dedication to his craft, this is just the beginning of his career. We are proud to support his rise to the top.” Quick Facts Facts Age: 25 Location: Billerica Years training: 20 years Favorite food: Tacos Nickname: The Gorilla “The Gorilla” is no stranger to wild kicks A bit about “The Gorilla”   Tell us…

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Optimized Vitamin C

Optimized Vitamin C Vitamin C is a key to keeping your health optimized. Everyone should ensure that their levels are optimal. If you want to ensure your health and vitality, it cannot be overlooked. Proper diet, and supplementation can ensure you stay in peak shape.  Fruit is a great source of Vitamin C WHat is vitamin C? Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is a key vitamin for health. It was first discovered in 1912. However chemical production of it did not begin until 1933. Making it…

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UFC Greenville

UFC Greenville fight predictions UFC Greenville is shaping up to be a great card. With a great headliner in Renato Moicano VS Chan Sung Jun. The fights are promising, with a lot of rising talent. So we’ve made our predictions for the headliners. UFC Greenville: Renato Moicano VS the korean zombie Moicano has moved up the rankings quickly. With only 2 loses to top ranked opponents. The Korean Zombie is a veteran fighter with experience on his side. However our pick for this fight is Renato Moicano. With…

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Boron’s Amazing Health Benefits

Boron’s Amazing Health Benefits Boron is an amazing element with many health benefits. However it is often overlooked. There are many uses for boron. But none more important than your bodies use of it. If you are looking to optimize your health, boron is one piece of the puzzle you should consider. Let’s go over some of boron’s amazing health benefits. Boron Keeps You Active What is boron? Boron has many functions. As a metalloid, being a  nutrient might not be your first guess. However our bodies demand…

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The Benefits Of Zinc For Men

The Benefits Of Zinc For Men There are many health benefits of zinc for men. When considering nutrients for men’s health, zinc is often what comes to mind. Zinc is amazing for your body, and especially for men. It is responsible for the production of numerous enzymes. And is integral for many different processes in the body. Such as DNA production, and cell repair. There are numerous benefits of zinc. Many of them can’t be overlooked. Shellfish are an excellent source of Zinc How does zinc benefit men?…

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Vitamin D and Men’s Health

Vitamin D and Men’s Health Vitamin D is an essential factor for men’s health. It has many functions and benefits. As a result of this, it is essential to ensure proper levels. While sunlight and diet play large roles in Vitamin D levels, supplementation can help. Even with proper nutrition most men will benefit from supplemental Vitamin D. Above all we want to ensure you understand the importance, and function of Vitamin D for men’s health. We know the importance of Vitamin D for men’s health what is…

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Doctors Breakdown of Test Reaper Testosterone Boosters

Doctors Breakdown –Test Reaper Testosterone Booster Written By  Dr. Kiran Iqbal test reaper Testosterone Booster With increasing age, many men find it difficult to keep up with their lives the way they were able to, as when they were in their twenties. They start feeling lethargic, their body starts losing muscle mass with an increase in fat content. This is due to an age-related decrease in testosterone. Testosterone is a steroidal hormone, made naturally by the testicles. The production of testosterone involves the biosynthesis of cholesterol in the liver….